IPS offers assistance in scheduling your event with numerous venue options, securing sound equipment and technicians, as well as arranging ticket sales and promotion both before and after the event.
We provide services for advertising your event, scheduling at an optimum time, state of the art sound, and MORE!
We provide promotion services before and during the concert! Additionally, we can provide extended services to promote your group and music.

In Memoriam

In Honor, Recognition and Memory of two prominent individuals in the music world. We extend our sincere sympathy to their families and friends.

Mr. Erv Woolsey, a longtime manager for Country Singer George Strait which extended nearly five decades. Erv owned and operated The Erv Woolsey Company located in Nashville. Tennessee. He served other prominent music artists over the span of his career until his death March 20,2024 at the age of 80 in Clearwater, Florida.

Mr. Gene Elders, longtime band member of George Strait and his "Ace In The Hole Band."  Gene played fiddle and mandolin and was a key member of the band since 1984. In addition, Gene was a session player and music composer. He continued to contribute to the music business until his death on March 20, 2024.

They will be sadly missed and always cherished!

John E. Wobma


Our Mission Statement

Independent Promotion Services' mission is the production and promotion of concerts for the glory of God.

Our Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to provide concerts in an environment of quality acoustics and comfort, creating an enjoyable experience at an affordable price.