Past Artists Associated with IPS Music

The artists below have worked with John in the past in the promotion and production of their concerts. Please check out the information below and visit their websites for more information. Click on the images to visit websites.

All My HopeEach year Skylight Quartet sings to thousands of individuals sharing the good news of the gospel through testimony and song. Whether it be during church services or at campgrounds, and arenas, Skylight Quartet strives to preserve Southern Gospel music and style so popular since its inception. Our group has shared the stage with such well known, award winning, Southern Gospel groups as Triumphant Quartet, Tribute Quartet, The Dixie Echoes, and most recently with The Florida Boys, Danny Funderburk (The Cathedrals), and The Collingsworth Family.

"All My Hope" is the quartet's newest recording, released in 2023 and available at the Skylight Quartet's store page.


God Will DeliverIn 2019, after welcoming newest member Jeff Ulicny to the group, the Skylights released "God Will Deliver," which features a great blend of traditional and newer gospel songs.


Turn Your Back

It is with the command and conviction of Mathew 28: 18-20 that the quartet chooses venues, songs, music style, and testimonies used in each of their concerts. God has richly blessed Skylight and continues to use them to spread the word of hope and salvation throughout the Midwest.

You will hear happy, hand clapping rhythms, some soul searching ballads, and yes, traditional gospel classics. But also expect to hear a few of the old hymns of the church, done in the Skylight Quartet style, smooth and harmonious.